Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Nomenclature Revisited

Jim West challenges me to come up with another name for who "we" Biblical literature blogging type folks are. Actually yesterday I did mention another one, but it seems to have gotten lost amid the stand-up comedy: bibloggers, to be pronounced "Bible-oggers." The word "blog" came from "weblog"; why not the "Bible log" > biblog, biblogger?

But...we don't have to pick one right away, do we? Is someone waiting for a decision? Please, please can't we go on discussing it for a few more months?

Or maybe we can't. Indeed, what is in a name? I am reminded of an early issue of the Fantastic Four, wherein Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben encounter an alien from the planet Poppup. When asked his name, the alien said, "Name? We Poppupians have no names. We know who we are."

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Stan Lee & Jack Kirby, "The Impossible Man," Fantastic Four #11 (1963).

UPDATE: Thanks, Carl and Joshua, for the comments below. Someone told me that "biblogger" as I pronounced it sounded like it referred to "bisexual blogger." Oops! So... never mind. You guys pick one and then let me know. I'm sitting it out from here on.


Anonymous said...

Ed, you ask "But...we don't have to pick one right away, do we?" Does does not a sense of urgency pervade the air, as one's very sense of identity is shaken by indeterminate nomenclature?

No? OK.

But let's think about how to name bloggers like you who go beyond Biblical content?

How about:
postbiblioblogger? transbiblio... metabiblio... (biblio+)blogger... biblioblogger+...

Joshua Tallent said...

I think I am with you on the need for more time. The last thing we want is to be stuck with a name that will make us cringe every time we think of it just because some people want answers NOW.

However, I have come up with a name suggestion that seems to apply to most of the ____blogging world: aniquiblogger.