Tuesday, December 07, 2004

"Ralph": The Family Reacts

The family reacts to my blogging.

Wife (brightly): How's your boggle going?

Self: I started a blog.
Daughter (rolling eyes): Wow, Dad, you're so tech-savvy.

Self: I started a blog.
Son: Cool.
Self: Do you want to look at it?
Son: Maybe later.

Please note: My wife's comment does not come from an adorable-but-dumb Little Woman; she has three Masters and is working on her PhD. But she's not as tech-savvy as I am.

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Tim Bulkeley said...

You're fortunate; my daughter says "So?"; and my wife (also doing a PhD) asks "Yes, but what does it DO?" in a puzzled tone. While looking over my shoulder and asking also, "How do you know that person?" In a way that suggests that Ralph or Paleojudaica or whoever is a slightly disreputable friend one of the children has brought home...