Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Times' Religious Mole

A few posts ago, I wrote about David Brooks's column about John Stott, and wondered how a Jewish columnist for a left-leaning newspaper would run into Stott's works. "Is there a religious mole at the Times?" I asked.

Apparently there is. His name? C.S. Lewis. Terry Mattingly at GetReligion has this to say:

Perhaps [people] were surprised that Brooks, who leans left on the hot social issues, was so kind to an intellectual who has for decades defended the concept of eternal moral absolutes. I was not surprised, in part because I have interviewed Brooks and knew of his interest in the ideas and influence of C.S. Lewis. If someone starts reading Lewis and then follows that side of the traditional Christian thought into modern evangelicalism, he will bump into Stott sooner rather than later.

Read the whole thing.

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