Thursday, April 07, 2005

Potpourri: Rollston, Williams, Carnivals

The Knoxville News-Sentinel has an article about a lecture given by Chris Rollston at the University of Tennessee about forgery of antiquities (use to gain access). Among other interesting items, the article focuses on Rollston's skepticism about the Marzeah Papyrus:

"I think, based on the script, that this is a forgery as well," Rollston said. "There are various aberrations in the script, various anomalies."

The Johns Hopkins University-trained historian and philologist of the Ancient Near East spoke in the McClung Museum auditorium.

Rollston teaches at the Emmanuel School of Religion, a graduate seminary in Johnson City.

The exhibition's curator, Dr. William Noah, disagreed with Rollston on Wednesday, saying that other scholars had previously examined the papyrus and "said emphatically that it is (authentic)."

"Every publication on the piece says it is genuine," Noah said.

I've previously discussed the Marzeah Papyrus on this blog here and here.

Welcome: Tyler Williams of Taylor University College in Edmonton joins the blogosphere. Looks like a lot of interesting stuff to come on Qumran and other topics.

Carnivalia: The Biblical Studies Carnival is up at Ebla Logs, and the Christian Carnival at "Proverbs Daily." Check 'em out.

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