Sunday, April 24, 2005

My Review of Seow's Grammar

A few weeks ago there was a discussion of Hebrew grammars here; helpful, I hope, to some. Although my own experience with some of the grammars that were mentioned is limited, I have read and reviewed C. L. Seow's Grammar for Biblical Hebrew. The review appeared in Journal of the American Oriental Society 110 (1990): 337-338.

Now, as an experiment in making some of my printed material available, I've uploaded a PDF of this review, downloadable here (download starts immediately). [UPDATE: Link removed. See update below.] Let me know if this works out OK. The file is 2+ MB, which seems large to me, but I'm not sure what I ought to have done to reduce the file size. I scanned the pages, saved them as JPEG's, and then inserted them into a Word document, which I printed as a PDF. Is there a better way to do this for multi-page documents? Your input would be appreciated.

Note: the review is of the original edition of Seow's grammar. I believe there is a second, revised edition, which I have not seen.

UPDATE (4/25): Many thanks to Ken Ristau and Tyler Williams, who both sent me versions of the above PDF, optimized for the web. Download this one instead (483 kb), provided by Tyler. Also note Tyler's links in his comment below to his own resources for Hebrew grammar study. Thanks, fellas.

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Tyler F. Williams said...

The discussion of introductory Hebrew grammars occured before I joined the blogosphere; I am sorry I missed it! I just wanted to let everyone know that I have an Introductory Hebrew Grammars page that provides brief reviews and introductions to most of the grammars available today. Also, I noticed that a few people noted they used Kittel's Biblical Hebrew: A Text and Workbook. I have a variety of resources for this grammar here. I will be updating my resources (e.g., the vocabulary flash card database, among other things) to fit with the revised edition soon as I will be using it in the fall (the revisions are not very extensive in terms of the actual lessons and exercises, etc.). I appreciated your review of Seow... the second revised edition fixed many -- but not all -- of the issues you raised.