Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ralph Turns Two

"Ralph" is 2 years old today. It's been a quiet year, but 2006 did see the single biggest day in RTSR history, in terms of hits, links, and chat-room chatter, caused by this post. It also saw Bloglines subscriptions reach an all-time high of 66 (and then begin falling; current number is 61).

Beginning tomorrow: Year 3 A. R.


Anonymous said...

Hi Edward
It doesn't surprise me at all that the More Dylan Thefts posting of September 27 should have attracted more hits than any other. It was a great posting IMO. You might like to know that I've just (today) put a link to it on my own blog, The Bob Dylan Encyclopedia

Best wishes, and to young Ralph~
Michael Gray.

Anonymous said...

Well happy birthday!!!

I look forward to what year three has in store for us. Bring it on :)