Sunday, November 26, 2006

I've been busy.

Sorry for the non-blogging. Since I've had a full-time non-academic job this year, most of the available writing time that I've had (not much) has been devoted to other compositions:
  • a Dictionary of Qumran Aramaic; so far the draft reaches from aleph to het;
  • a review of Ursula Schattner-Rieser's L'araméen des manuscrits de la mer Morte for Journal for the Study of Judaism, now published;
  • an article for Aramaic Studies, "The 'Kaufman Effect' in the Pseudo-Jonathan Targum," now in page proofs, to be published in volume 4/2;
  • a 2000-word entry for the Dictionary of Early Judaism on "Aramaic, Jewish use of in the Second Temple Period"; I spent Thanksgiving vacation finishing that one.
So ... see? I've been writing, not blogging. It's amazing how much you can get done when you don't blog. I do miss it, though, and hopefully the coming year I can blog a bit more.


Targuman said...

Great stuff! Any chance you would let someone, say me, read the drafts of your first and last entries in the above list? We are also having a special Qumran Aramaic session of Aramaic Studies Session next year. I hope your schedule allows you to submit a paper!

Anonymous said...

It's exciting to hear about the projects with which you are involved!

Would you have any idea what year you will finish the "Dictionary of Qumran Aramaic"?

William Smith

EMC said...

Thanks, William. If I keep on at a steady pace, I hope to finish the Dictionary next year.