Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The SBL Forum on the Forgery Scandals

The March 2005 issue of SBL Forum is up here, and it deals with the recent forgery scandals. The articles are as follows:

The Antiquities Market, Sensationalized Textual Data, and Modern Forgeries: Introduction to the Problem and Synopsis of the 2004 Israeli Indictment by Christopher A. Rollston and Andrew G. Vaughn

The Forgery Indictments and BAR: Learning From Hindsight, by Edward M. Cook

The Crisis of Modern Epigraphic Forgeries and the Antiquities Market: A Palaeographer Reflects on the Problem and Proposes Protocols for the Field by Christopher A. Rollston

The Probability of Forgeries: Reflections on a Statistical Analysis by Andrew G. Vaughn and Carolyn Pillers Dobler

The Jerusalem Syndrome in Biblical Archaeology, by Yuval Goren

The Saga of the Yonan Codex, by Bruce M. Metzger

Epilogue: Methodological Musings From The Field by Andrew G. Vaughn and Christopher A. Rollston

My article is partially based on material that first appeared here on "Ralph." You know my methods, Watson.

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