Monday, February 28, 2005

A World Without Cheese

Sorry, folks, I'm just snowed under with work today. Nothing blogworthy has possessed my brain cells.

Except cheese, of course. I've given up cheese for Lent.

It sounded quite doable when I started; something I like well enough to feel edifyingly deprived of, yet not so central that it would possess my mind to the exclusion of holy thoughts.

Well, guess what. Apparently I eat more cheese than I thought, because I least once a day I feel like there's nothing I wouldn't do for some cheese, in any form whatsoever. The fit passes after a while, and this is good to know for the future, in case I'm ever stranded in a cheese-free town.

It's still doable. However, I can tell you, that when Lent is over, I intend to breakfast on pizza and then for lunch eat a burrito the size of a bed pillow.

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Charlie Brumbaugh said...

Dear Ed,

Sorry about the cheese! I'm simply trying to eat simply -- and less. It requires a tremendous amount of focus.

Hey, I figured out how to get my picture on my blog -- check it out! One of these days I might even start writing something of substance on it!