Monday, February 14, 2005

Potpourri: Kinkade, Sword, McLaren, Cthulhu

Gleanings from the web:

Joe Carter analyzes just what is so bad about Thomas Kinkade's paintings. His critique gains force by comparing Kinkade's earlier good work to his later kitschy renderings.

I was going to recommend to bibliobloggers Michael Turton's new blog, The Sword, but Stephen Carlson beat me to it. Michael has a ton of interesting reviews of books on biblical subjects that are well worth perusing. Also, he thinks "Ralph" is "wonderful," so he is clearly a man of taste and discernment.

From locustyears comes this link to Brian McLaren's recommendation of the film Hotel Rwanda, which I haven't yet seen. The more I read McLaren, or about him, the more I like him.

Finally, if you are a fan of H.P. Lovecraft (I'm not that crazy about his fervid prose myself) you should know that you can buy a plush Chthulhu.

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