Sunday, January 09, 2005

Scholar Confesses: Jerry Springer Was My Mayor

Apparently there is an opera about Jerry Springer (!) that is causing a furore in Great Britain. I find the idea of an opera about Jerry Springer a hard thing to imagine, but I am perfectly willing for the Brits to indulge in Jerry Springer. Just keep him far away from me.

Jerry Springer used to be mayor of Cincinnati, the town I live in. His most famous act of the time was to be arrested after paying a Kentucky prostitute with a personal check -- a breathtakingly stupid act. Later he became a noted and respected pundit on local TV, always taking the liberal-leftist point of view, quite unusual in conservative Cincinnati.

Finally (finally!) he left for Chicago, forsaking his pious liberal platitudes in order to trowel out a truly mind-boggling amount of sludge onto the nation's airwaves via his own show. He contemplated running for the Senate from Ohio in 2000, but decided not to.

I can't think of anyone more suited to be the symbol of all that is junky on TV, which now apparently includes the BBC. After all, he was born in London. Y'all can keep him.

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Jim said...

Amen to it all Ed!