Monday, January 03, 2005

Forgery Roundup: Deutsch to Sue IAA?

The ANE (Ancient Near East) mailing list has been having some interesting conversations about the forgeries:

Robert Deutsch responds to the indictment here.
The public announcements and press conference by the IAA during this last week, in which they purposely linked my name to a host of allegedly illegal activities with which the IAA knows that I have absolutely no connection, leaves me no alternative but to immediately file suit against the IAA and its agents personally, for irreversibly damaging my name and reputation and for the serious financial consequences of their malicious and criminal acts.

Yuval Goren explains how thermoluminescence is not an infallible guide to the age of a bulla here.

I am trying to obtain from Israel a copy of the indictment. If I'm successful, I'll try to post it on Ralph or provide a link to it.

UPDATE: I am informed by Uzi Dahari of the IAA that the Hebrew text of the indictments will be posted soon on the Hebrew site of the IAA.

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