Monday, March 03, 2008

Ohio Democratic Primary: The Candidates

Tomorrow there will be a primary election in Ohio. You might have heard something about it.

Since I never overtly discuss politics on this blog, I am going to use code names, or allegorical images, for the candidates. There are two main candidates on the Democratic side.


The other candidate is Krusty:

For the first time in history, Amy and I are voting for the same person. We are both voting for Krusty. We feel that Gabbo does not have enough experience.

See you in the voting booth, kids!


Unknown said...

will wonders never cease? i voted for gabbo today! i too felt that krusty was not experienced enough (but a good talker, even compared to gabby gabbo).

- kathryn

Unknown said...

oops, i mixed my allegories in hte previous post. i too am a krusty klown advocate. nuff said.

- kathryn