Thursday, December 15, 2005

The Targums on Accordance

Readers of "Ralph" may be interested in my survey of the Targums and the Targum modules that I worked on for Accordance. Accordance is the best (IMHO) Bible software program available today, no matter what they say in Bellingham, WA.


Ken Penner said...

Hi Ed. With that last clause are you implying that Logos claims to make the best Bible software program available today? If so, I don't think that is a fair claim. If you take a look, I think you will find that Logos has a policy of not making such competitive claims.
I have Accordance, Logos, Bible Windows, and BibleWorks on my computer. Each has its strengths in different areas. Why put any of them down?

EMC said...

So Logos would admit, Ken, that they don't make the best bible software program? If you think so, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.

Anonymous said...

And why don't they develop a PC version for those who live outside Mac-land? I made the major mistake of buying Accordance + emulator, and never got the emulator to work. So I'm stuck with an excellent piece of software which I can't use.
Cynthia Edenburg

Joe Weaks said...

Did you get help from the Accordance Forum or from them directly? They now support emulation.

Anonymous said...

Accordance doesn't offer Syriac support does it? The Syriac component in Logos is what's keeping me there -- they're now (finally) developing a Mac version of Libronix as well.

Ken Penner said...


I had a very smooth installation experience for Accordance 6.9 with emulator just a couple of weeks ago. The emulator and Accordance are now on the same CD and there is now much less tweaking required on the part of the user. It may be worth the $10 to get the new CD!