Thursday, November 17, 2005

C U in Philly

I'll be leaving for Philadelphia tomorrow for the AAR-SBL Annual Meeting — so blogging on "Ralph", already light, will stop altogether for about a week. I know others plan to blog from Philadelphia, and I might try that if I'm inspired, but I doubt it.

For those interested in the session on "biblioblogging," both of the main papers, by Jim Davila and Rick Brennan, have been posted. As for the panel discussion — well, you'll just have to be there.


Anonymous said...

Hey, "Ralph", did you happen to go to the Tel Zayit panel tonight (Sun.)? If so, what did you think about the reply to Shanks? The tenth-century equivalent of a four letter word! -- how's that for "interpretation", Mr. Ostuary? Amazing.

Keep up the good work.

Pete Williamson said...

I think you mean Rick Brannan (of Ricoblog).