Monday, October 17, 2005

Buy This Book Now

The new edition of Wise-Abegg-Cook just arrived; I think it looks pretty nice.

We revised each and every one of the texts in the first edition to reflect the latest readings and scholarly publications, as well as adding new texts (including complete translations of the Qumran witnesses to Enoch, Jubilees and the Targum to Job). It also has running heads and a new index.

For those who loathed our titles for the scrolls — sorry. They're still there, as are the blurbs from Karen Armstrong and Dom Crossan. The paperback costs $24.95, so there's no reason for you not to order one (or two — why not one for each member of your family?) immediately.

The scroll on the cover, by the way, is 4Q109 (4Q Qohelet).

UPDATE: I've been encouraged to add links to online stores. You got it: Order the book here or here. Buy this one as well while you're at it. :)


Anonymous said...

You should at least have the good taste and self-interest to provide a link to an online bookstore. Or did I miss it?

SH said...

Wow, Congratulations!

And Duane, here is a link for you.

Dr. Joseph Ray Cathey said...


When I buy a copy at SBL will you autograph it for me?


EMC said...

Duane: I don't know how good taste comes into it. One could argue that a man of taste would expect readers to know how to find and order a book online. But I'll grant you the self-interest .:)

Shai: Thanks!

Doc: Anytime, laddy.

Anonymous said...

What if I liked Geza Vermes' "The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English" better? :)

EMC said...

Slave: There's no accounting for taste.