Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Brooke on Book by Cook (et al.)

G. J. Brooke reviews The Dead Sea Scrolls Concordance, Vol. I, on which I was a collaborator, in the Society for Old Testament Study Book List 2004: "a magnificent achievement." Thank you, George! He also says, "I have not yet found any errors." Well, keep looking, you will. Not many, I hope.

We are currently working on Vol. 2, a concordance of the biblical texts.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Martin Abegg with James Bowley and Edward Cook, The Dead Sea Scrolls Concordance. I. The Non-Biblical Texts from Qumran. Leiden: Brill, 2003.


Anonymous said...

Hey there,
I'm one of Prof Brooke's MA students. I'll pass the 'thank you' on and direct him here next time I see him!
Confusingly I'm also called George.

jdarlack said...

Thanks for the work you did on this concordance. It is a vast improvement on Charlesworth's Graphical Concordance, etc.

By the way, do you know if there are any plans to release an electronic version of the biblical Qumran texts?

EMC said...

Electronic searchable texts are available on Accordance, Bible Works and other commercially available bible software packages, usually for an extra price.

jdarlack said...

Understood. The "sectarian" manuscripts are available electronically, but the biblical texts are not. Do you know of any possibility of the biblical texts being produced in a form similar to the non-biblical texts available through Accordance, BibleWorks and Libronix? It would be great to have such a thing for the sake of textual criticism.