Friday, March 17, 2006

A Champion Once Again

I was fortunate enough to be selected a member of the Spelling Bee team at the company I work for, and yesterday we won the Literacy Network of Greater Cincinnati's 16th Annual Scripps Spelling Bee for Literacy. The full story is here. Yeah, baby! No, the LPK team did not wear costumes.

The last time I did anything like this was in 1967, when I won the Austin (Tx.) Junior High School spelling championship. Nice to know that I still got the mojo. And big-time props to my teammates, Bev and Al.

Below is a picture of me giving the black-power salute (after spelling alepidote), while Al Hidalgo looks on wonderingly.


Brandon said...

Grate job on wining the speling bea! But seriously, Congrats, Ed!

Anonymous said...

Ed, I always knew you were talented, but this achievement really confirms it for me! Do you have a certificate for your refrigerator?

Dr. Joseph Ray Cathey said...


You never cease to amaze me! Congrat on the spelling bea.

EMC said...

Brandon and Joe: Thanks!

Karla: No, but I got a nifty plaque for the wall. And a lot of other cool stuff