Friday, June 24, 2005

Weekend Reading

Jim Davila discusses the "Ink and Blood" exhibit, which has been mentioned on "Ralph" previously ... An interesting discussion on the meaning of "War of the Worlds" at Siris ... Robin at Beth Turnip talks about the commercialization of the church ... Byzantium Shores says something many of us we can agree with: "I think the real media bias is not to the liberal or to the conservative, but to the stupid." No argument here.

Congrats to the San Antonio Spurs for winning the NBA championship. But the real MVP was 'Nu, not Timid Tim. (Does this mean that basketball is yielding to foreign players? I don't know. Did jazz become French because of Django Reinhardt? As long as basketball thrives, who cares?)


Anonymous said...

I need to post this anonymously, regarding the linked story on "commercialization of religion." BethTurnip may be right in general, but I know a little of the backstory on the cancellation of a 5 o'clock liturgy in a well-connected local church, and it was about institutional dynamics and the impression of snobbish and intransigent independence by the musicians for years, thwarting and ignoring rectors' requests etc. Not a way to enhance employment survival rates!

So there's always another story. If this is the case, perhaps it was kinder to cite decreased collections than it would be to say "I can't work with you." Church employment is like a marriage. Emotions run so high that you caint know nuffin unless you're a fly on the wall.

EMC said...

OK... but why didn't you leave this comment at Beth Turnip?

KM said...

tangential comment alert: dude, i read your blog. GOSH!

remember to give Tina some food.


RobRoy said...

Anonymous probably didn't post at BethTurnip because the Turnip-in-Chief hadn't enabled anonymous comments. Said oversight has now been corrected.

Future comments on the issue may be directed (anonymously or otherwise-ly) to RobRoy directly at the BethTurnip blog